WUSV Universal Sieger 2019

We are looking forward to hosting this World IGP / Show Championship - a groundbreaking concept which combines working ability and conformation to breed standard

Thank you to Travis Foster for this video

2019 is the 100th year of the GSD League of GB and we are honoured to be hosting this prestigious event as part of our centenary celebrations. 

We are delighted to introduce the final four helpers selected for the 2019 WUSV Universal Sieger 2019. From these four, two will be selected to work all dogs in the competition and two will be reserves.

All helpers wear their sleeves on their left arms.

Thanks to James Dobernut for this video

The GSD League has always been at the forefront of promoting healthy German Shepherds with great characters and so the Universal Sieger competition fits well with our objectives. The competition consists of three working tests and a breed conformation competition.  The working tests comply with IPO 3 regulations and incorporate tracking, obedience and protection - all dogs who successfully pass the working tests are assessed as to their conformation in accordance with the International Breed Standard for the German Shepherd Dog. All competing dogs must have passed important health tests, a vet check at the start of the competition and an assessment of their character throughout all parts of the competition.

The coveted title of Universal Sieger is awarded to the best performing male and the best performing female is crowned Universal Siegerin. There is also a prize for the best performing Team. We expect approximately 70 entries in 20 teams from around the World. Each participant has already gone through a rigorous selection process in their own country to be included in their country team so the World Championship is of a very high standard.

We are grateful to our principal sponsor Arden Grange and primary sponsors Eurojoe….. We would also like to thank the committee of Nantwich Town Football Club and the owners of the tracking land for their support in bringing the competition to fruition.

We hope that all competitors enjoy their time in Great Britain and we wish them all very good luck.

We look forward to welcoming competitors and spectators alike to the 9th WUSV Universal Sieger World Championship from 7th to 9th June 2019 in Nantwich, England.