SV Judge    

Manfred Drescher


Dear friends of dog sports,


The following is some information about me:                         


I joined my local club (OG Illertissen) and the SV in 1983.  Since this time I have handled many dogs in club trials and 5 dogs on SV Nationals and FCI.  In 1992 I became Teaching Helper from State Club Bayern- Süd.  1993 I was the back half helper and 1999 the front half helper at the SV BSP in Augsburg/ Germany.


I have given many seminars to handlers and helpers. I enjoy working with the dogs and their handlers.  For 13 years I was the Training Director of my local club, OG Illertissen.  In this time we have had many competitors at Nationals and 3 of them at BSP and FCI- WM.


From 2003 till now I’m the President of my club and 8 years from IG Donau-Iller (18 clubs in our Region), too.


In 1999 I became an SV Judge.  I have had the honor and the pleasure to judge several National and International competitions in Germany, Italy, Austria, South Africa, Canada and United States.  Also I enjoy working with the dogs and my friends around the world after the trials if it’s enough time.


My goal is to judge with fairness and present the quality of the dogs. 


I wish all competitors much fun and success with their dogs!