Martin Pejša


Martin Pejša was born on 21st April 1972 in Milevsko, the Czech Republic. He graduated from the Secondary School of Agriculture, but apart from practice he never did his original profession. He completed his military service as a frontier-guard and since then he has been fully dedicated to working with dogs. He is an active handler, a competitor, a representative, an international IPO judge and also a breeder.

Martin Pejša has won the Czech IPO Nationals six times, he finished 2nd at the FCI IPO World Championship 2007 and together with the Czech team members won the 1st place in Teams at that Championship.

Martin Pejša took part in competitions with following dogs:

  • Zea Aritar Bastet (MM ČKNO 2016 – 2nd place, WUSV 2016 – 5th place),
  • Norbert Aritar Bastet (MM ČKNO 2014 – 3rd place, WUSV 2014 – 10th place, Best tracking and Best protection),
  • Kato Aritar Bastet (MČR 2013 – 2nd place, MM ČKNO 2013 – the International Champion of CZ and Club Winner of ČKNO, FCI WCH 2013 and WUSV 2013 participant),
  • Quel od Policie ČR (IPO Czech Champion 2009, 2010, ČKNO Champion 2010, FCI WCH 2009 and 2010 participant, WUSV 2009 and 2010 participant),
  • Lord z Lipin (WUSV 2007 participant, 2nd place FCI WCH 2007, IPO Czech Champion 2007),
  • Orry (MČR IPO 2004 and 2005 participant, MČKNO 2004 and 2005 participant),
  • Gera Aritar Bastet (MČR IPO 2001, MČKNO 2001 and WUSV 2001 participant),
  • Warra Gymor (ČKNO Champion 1999, FCI WCH 1999 participant, WUSV 1999 participant – 10th place),
  • Grim Z Pohraniční stráže (MČR IPO 1996, 1997 and 1998 participant, MČKNO 1997, 1998, WUSV 1997 – 7th place),
  • Aron z Pohůreckých zahrad (Regional Youth Winner 1989 and 1990, participant of ČSR Championship of Youth 1987, 1988, 1989, ČSR Championship of Youth 1990 – 2nd place).

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