Rinus Bastiaansen


Since my birth I was always surrounded and grew up with dogs but got my first working dog when I was 16. A few years later I purchased  my first pup and became a member of VVDH (Belgium GSD Club). With this pup, my first competition dog, I competed later on in more than 80 trials, included 4 times Regionals, and 3 times Nationals. I gained the bronze, silver, gold and brilliant trainings medal.
Straight after I joined my club, I got involved in the protection and helper work. I got my official trial helper and tracklayer license in 1985. Beside a lot of local trials I was also a helper for Regionals, Nationals and Selection Trials.
I became official FCI judge in 1996. Beside the local trials, I also judged already in  Regionals, Nationals, Selection Trials & Championships in Belgium and other countries around the world. I judged the protection phase at the 2014 world championship Universal Sieger in Slovakia and in 2017  the protection phase at the world championship WUSV in the Netherlands. In 2018,  I was invited to judge the protection phase at the World championship FMBB in Slovenia.
I became member of the working dog committee (of VVDH Belgium) in 2001 and from 2009  I was president of this committee for 9 years.

 For me it’s an honour to be invited to judge at this Universal Sieger World Championship in Great Britain.  I’m looking forward to see the high level performances of the top handlers and dogs in this championship.

I hope that this weekend everyone will enjoy the work and beauty of the most favourite and versatile breed in the Dog World, the German Shepherd Dog.